Abruzzo ( Italy ) Film Commission Panel & Cocktail Reception at AFM


Attendees from the 40th AFM we treated to an interesting evening at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica.  The General Counsel, along with other highly placed citizens from the beautiful region of Abruzzo, Italy, proudly explained the benefits of filming in Abruzzo.

Not only is Abruzzo one of the most beautiful places in Italy, brimming with history and rich in natural wonders, but it also has an uncanny resemblance to many places in California.  Some of the films that have been shot in Abruzzo were filmed there specifically because they could mask as a location in California. As well, there are financial governmental incentives that make Abruzzo not only a beautiful location to shoot a movie but also a wonderful destination to go and visit.

After the presentation, the guests were treated to an outdoor mixer with traditional Italian foods: arancini, meatballs, burrata, and of course a selection of fine Italian wines. It was a lovely evening enjoyed by all. Ciao

This event was put on by The Region of Abruzzo, the Abruzzo Film Commission and the Italian National Tourist Board, and they gave a great presentation from the Abruzzo Film Commission Advisory Board, that was followed by a cocktail reception and networking.

By Janell Martin


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