Production Without Borders Panel & VIP Reception at AFM Film Market

Monday, November 11th was not only a day to celebrate our Veterans, but as it turned out it was a day where an American Film Market (AFM) panel discussion celebrated the film industry’s integrated approach to cross-promotion. The panel discussion, “Production Without Borders”, took place at the Laemmle theater in Santa Monica, where a packed room of attendees was treated to an informative and though-provoking panel discussion.
Mr. Larry Nader, E! Founder and President/CEO of Metan Global Entertainment Group (in our featured photo with one of our reporters) regaled us with amusing stories of his life as he passed on his wisdom from decades of success in the film and television industry.  His focus now is creating TV and Film for the Chinese audience in China, and when asked about the challenges about filmmaking in a foreign market he likened it to a situation with his mother. He said that when he went home to visit his mother, he suggested dinner at 8 pm at an Italian restaurant he loves, and his mother responded that dinner would be at 5 pm at a Deli.  When he explained to his mother that he doesn’t eat that early, she snapped back that if he didn’t like it, he could stay in a hotel.  He said filmmaking in a foreign country is like that, you need to go into a situation and respect and adapt to their culture, and not force your beliefs on them.
Dr. Carmela Baranowska, We Are Moving Stories, has the biggest online community platform for new voices in film.  She is making inroads helping to raise women’s voices and supports a variety of actors, writers, directors, and producers trying to network and connect people and to encourage new and creative, original content.
Emily Shah, an actress who just starred in the movie ‘Jungle Cry’ is trying to bridge the gap between ‘Bollywood’ and ‘Hollywood’ helping to eradicate the prejudice over ethnicity in filmmaking.
Christopher Kuhne, the founder of Storyan, is an acclaimed screenwriter who has started a development and consulting company that is bringing a new take on development to the table.
Ali M Akau, an international film producer and entrepreneur, has developed an innovative new film finance platform called ‘’.
The informative panel discussion was brilliantly moderated by Debra Levine. After, the attendees were treated to A VIP cocktail reception where not only was the Prosecco flowing, but the panelists mingled and chatted with the guests. I have to say, this was likely the best event I covered over the week, as not only was it informative and interesting, but having the ability to meet the panelist and other attendees present, was a wonderful networking.


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