Experience what it would be like to drive a real race car at Base51 VR

Now you can experience what it would be like to drive a real race car at Base51 VR race car facility, by using their world-class racing simulators in their advanced VR facility, and you can virtually experience the world’s fastest race cars on the most challenging race tracks from across the globe. This brand new VR location is a futuristic 21st century experience where guests are taken away into a completely alternate universe!
You can get buckled down in the driver’s seat to drive an authentic Formula 1 car, NASCAR, or a Ferrari or a Porsche GT3 Car by using amazing VR simulations that allows you to race against up to 9 other racers, on 200 iconic race tracks all over the world, like the Indy 500, Laguna Seca, and the Monaco Grand Prix!
On this day we were privileged to race at The Silverstone Raceway, which hosts races such as the Formula 1 and MotoGP.
The race experience at Base51 features 10 linked simulators, with networked Pro level & full-motion racing simulators paired with the latest in Virtual Reality technology, that are all set to race together and includes a qualify and a race session. They have 3 skill levels: Easy, Medium or Hard. So when you are racing you have three 45 inch HD screens that you are looking at, – that looks like the real race track, that is taken from footage of the raceways site’s location, so that when this is combined with the pro auto equipment you are sitting in- you feel like you are in a real race car, and competing in a championship race, on the real location of a famous raceway! Other people that are not in the race can watch the race on a bigger movie type of screen, just as if they were up in the stands of the racing stadium, having a different angle to watch the race than the driver. If you prefer you can wear viewing Goggles over your head to get even more of the VR experience, and be fully immersed in this amazing experience.
The Manager told us that each of these race car simulators cost $80,000 – more than most people’s real car !  In fact it’s so real that professional motor car racers go there to train, since practicing here is safer, and way cheaper than using a real race car that guzzles up a lot of gas very quickly! So if you are lucky you may be able to compete against an Indy 500 pro racer, or a professional Formula One auto champion racer!
In fact when we were there for the pre-grand opening- 2 champion motor race car drivers were there! Most race fans would know Matt Halliday from Auckland, New Zealand– a championship race car driver who competed in GT and Carrera Cup racing, in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the United States; and Roy Steele a championship Formula 3 & 4 driver who raced all over Europe! Well they were both there in person – racing and having a great time! At the Base51’s VR race car facility Matt holds the fasted lap record with a time of just over 50 seconds. For dinner Roy had this gigantic sized Roasted Lamb Shank! I had ordered the Prime Rib, but after looking at Roy’s Lamb Shank – I wished I had ordered it! I was told by the owner that they are regular customers- since this amazing VR experience is so real!
You can make a special day out of it by eating in their gourmet restaurant, with a Global menu with mouth watering international cuisine, Artisan Coffee, and a vast selection of wine and craft beer from their Bar! We had an amazing meal- and would recommend for “Starters”: Golden Truffle Fries with Cape Cod Chowder, and for the “Hearty” main course: Prime Rib-eye French Dip Sandwich, or The gigantic sized Roasted Lamb Shank that Roy had. For your “Sweets” desert try the Daily Creme Brûlée, or the N’ Awlins Bread Pudding. The Truffle oil that they use on the Golden Seasoned Fries are of the highest gourmet restaurant quality, and it’s a great unique idea to serve it over Cape Cod Chowder soup- I have never saw that at any other restaurant! So now you can “EAT, DRINK, and COMPETE” at Base51’s Premiere VR facility.  Our Sports and Racing news staff can promise you an unforgettable experience of premium-simulation racing and world class dining!
That’s Base51 in Hawthorn, California. Call: 800-618-1784 HOURS OF OPERATION:
THU-SAT: 11AM-10PM and SUN: 11AM-6PM For more information go to Base51.com
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