The most dangerous stunt in movie history by Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning


This is the most dangerous life threatening stunt in movie history! In Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, when Tom Cruise jumps off of a mountain cliff with a motorcycle, and then pulls the cord to release his parachute to land at the base of a mountain- he was risking his life, for the most spectacular stunt in movie history!

This death defying part of the movie was 4 years in the making, and Tom Cruise put in months, and 10,000 hours of training on motorcycles, parachute gliding and base jumping- over 500 Skydives, over 13,000 Motocross jumps, to nail this scene perfectly, as you will see in this video segment- that will take you behind the scenes with Tom, the Directors, trainers, stunt experts, cinematographers, helicopter, drone, and crew that put this epic scene together! Believe it or not Tom completed this death defying jump 6 times for this movie!


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